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Mother’s Day Weekend

The best thing about this Mother’s Day weekend was that we were all home together!  After a very long separation (41 days in the hospital for Phoenix and I), we were so excited to be home.  Phoenix felt great the entire weekend too, which is the best gift I could have received.

The Mother’s Day weekend kicked off with a visit from Austin jeweler, Kendra Scott, who came and brought a beautiful Mother’s Day gift to me at Phoenix’s clinic appointment on Thursday.  She was so sweet and lovely, and it was such a special treat to meet her.


On Friday, I was able to see my mom for a bit since she is so generous to stay with Phoenix on Fridays that we are not in the hospital.  Then, we enjoyed our weekly pizza and movie night that Phoenix and I have missed so much.


On Saturday morning, Ben and Phoenix stayed home (and went grocery shopping which Phoenix has been looking forward to for weeks), while Shiloh and I were able to go to a special event.  Our sweet friends invited us on a girl’s outing to see Disney on Ice!  We had so much fun, and are so grateful that they invited us!


When Shiloh and I got back home Saturday afternoon, we decided to drive to San Antonio to see my sister Emily and her three kids, who just moved back to Texas.  We were so excited to see them, especially her new baby who we hadn’t met yet.  We met my dad over at their new house, and had a fun couple hours making pizza and hanging out.  Phoenix didn’t feel well on the drive which made me nervous, but once we got there he was dancing and having a blast with the other kids.


Sunday morning, Ben and Phoenix made breakfast in bed for Shiloh and I…such a fun treat!  Then, we all headed out to Ben’s parent’s cabin near Canyon Lake.  We relaxed for a bit with his mom, stepdad, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew.  It was so nice for the kids to get to play together!


We wrapped up a beautiful weekend with me getting a little solo time out of the house (I went to the bookstore and also picked out a green Mother’s Day necklace, per Phoenix’s request).  While I was gone, Ben cleaned the house and made a delicious dinner for when I arrived home.

It was just a perfect weekend, and I am so thankful.  Thankful that we were home and Phoenix was feeling so well.  Being a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I feel so lucky to have Shiloh and Phoenix, Ben, and all of our wonderful family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Fantastic photos. So wonderful to see Phoenix feeling good + having fun with family. His smile + thumbs-up just show what a happy, strong-souled little guy he is through all of this. Much, much love to each of you

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