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The Witte Museum

Last Saturday Phoenix woke up feeling great, so we were super excited to get out of the house and do a fun family activity.  Unfortunately, the weather was rainy and chilly in Austin so we decided to head to San Antonio and go to the zoo instead.  When we got to the Zoo, it had begun to rain pretty hard, so we made a last minute decision to go to The Witte Museum, instead.  We have heard great things about the new dinosaur exhibit, so it was a great opportunity to check that out, and Phoenix LOVES dinosaurs.


The dinosaur exhibit was very cool, and the kids both loved seeing the huge dinosaur bones.  The exhibit had fewer dinosaurs than I expected, but it was still very well done.



The outdoor area of The Witte is so beautiful- right along the river with gardens and outdoor sitting areas.  There is also a separate building with exhibits specifically for children, and a huge treehouse.


We had a great time at The Witte, and hope to go back again soon.  So thankful for this day that we got to spend together.


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