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Christmas Tree Farm- 2016

I have mentioned it here many times before that traditions are super important to me, and that I love to celebrate holidays in special ways.  We were really hoping to be released from the hospital on Saturday so that we could make our annual trip to Elgin Christmas Tree Farm on Sunday.  Thankfully, we were released from the hospital late Saturday afternoon, so we were planning on heading out to the farm first thing Sunday morning.  Phoenix is having a hard time recovering from his most recent treatment, though, and Sunday morning it became obvious that this little day trip was not going to work for him.  We decided that it would be best to go to a little local farm instead of missing the experience of getting our tree completely.

We headed out to Cross Plants and Produce, located in our town of Kyle, TX.  The kids really enjoyed picking out our tree, running around the property, and playing in the adorable little playhouse.


They also really enjoyed the miniature horse and donkey that are on the property.


Though we really wish we had been able to make it out to our favorite Elgin Christmas Tree Farm, we are thankful that we found a place close by that worked for us this year.  Shiloh and Phoenix had a blast, we got our tree, and enjoyed time together outside of the hospital- and that is what matters!


One thought on “Christmas Tree Farm- 2016

  1. Your blog is wonderful, as are you, Ben, Shiloh, and Phoenix!
    It had been such a hard year for each of you, yet you have all been so brave, so strong, so hopeful, and so thankful for the good things and the good times in your lives. You amaze me in so many ways! I love you so much!


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