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Barton Hill Farms 2016

What a beautiful day!  The plans that we originally had for today got cancelled, so we decided instead that it would be a perfect day to do one of our very favorite activities all year- a visit to the pumpkin patch/fall festival!  We typically go to Barton Hill Farms during the fall, but had to miss last year due to flooding, so we were so excited that we were able to make it this year!



Barton Hill Farms is located about 30 minutes east of Austin, so the drive to get there is not bad at all.  It is right on the edge of a beautiful river and surrounded by cornfields, so it really feels secluded and completely separate from the city.  They are open at 10am, and I would really suggest getting there right when they open, as it can get pretty crowded!


First up for us was the huge jumping pillow, which is typically their favorite attraction.  Phoenix was not a fan today, but Shiloh loved it!


Then, we went to the HUGE slide- both kids (and Ben) loved it!


Then, we did the horse races!


Up next was the Super Trike Track for Ben and Shiloh.


New to us this year was the Grain Train, which took us on a beautiful ride through the property.


This really is one of our favorite days of the year- and I am so thankful we were able to go again.  When we first learned of Phoenix’s diagnosis, my mind almost immediately went to this kind of day- would we ever have this kind of day again?  Would Phoenix ever be well enough to enjoy these places?  Would he ever even be able to come home from the hospital?  I am so, so thankful that Phoenix’s treatment is going so well, and that we are able to make these kind of beautiful family memories.



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