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We had a wonderful weekend that was filled with family, fun events, and beautiful weather.  This was our first weekend in months where we were not in the hospital, or preparing to go to the hospital, or getting home from the hospital, and I also didn’t have class this weekend- so I knew it was going to be a good one.  To top if all off, the weather was gorgeous- the first feel of Fall was finally in the air, and my little sister and her boys were in town!

The weekend started early when Emily and the boys flew in a day early to escape Hurricane Matthew.  I picked them up after work, and we came home to enjoy some takeout food and a beautiful evening while all four kids played together outside.  I can’t say it enough how thankful I am for the days when Phoenix is feeling good, and can enjoy being a kid.


Ben and I had to work on Friday, but the four kids stayed home with my parents and sister, and had an awesome time playing together.  Then, Friday night- we kept my oldest nephew for a sleepover, and it was so much fun!  I love how much Shiloh and Keiler (aka “Yaya”) love each other.

Saturday morning was my favorite kind of morning- it was chilly, and we had nowhere we had to be, so Ben and I sat outside and drank our coffee while talking and watching the kids play.  It was perfect.


Late Saturday morning, we met my dad, Emily, and her youngest son at Waterloo Ice House for brunch. We had such a nice time enjoying our breakfast and playing with the kids on the playground.  I was so thankful that Phoenix was feeling well enough, and his blood counts were high enough that he was able to come with us.


From brunch, we went to Thinkery, where my parents watched the four kids, while Emily and I slipped away for a pedicure together.  It has literally been more than 5 years (before I was pregnant with Shiloh), that Emily and I have had any alone time together to do something fun and relaxing without any of the kids.  It was so nice to relax, talk, and get pampered a little!


After Thinkery and pedicures, we had a late lunch at P.Terry’s before Shiloh, Phoenix, and I headed back home.


Sunday morning, we got up early and headed to a park in South Austin to have our family photos taken by the sweetest photographer, Sarah Siller.  This was gifted to our family by The Gold Hope Project, and we are so thankful.  It was a beautiful Fall morning while we waited for Sarah to arrive.


After our family photos were taken, Ben and Phoenix went home to rest (we really tired Phoenix out on Saturday), and Shiloh and I met my dad and Emily for lunch at Hyde Park.

Sunday afternoon, Ben, Shiloh, Phoenix, and I drove to San Antonio for a Fall festival put on by the lovely people of Jaxon’s FROG Foundation.  We had such a nice time, and the event was just perfect: a pumpkin patch with professional photos taken and pumpkins to bring home, superheroes, games, prizes, food, and treats!


It really was an awesome weekend- super busy, but so, so fun!  In fact, Shiloh said on our drive home from the Fall festival, “What a wonderful, beautiful day!”

9 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Heather, this was beautiful, your words made me feel like I was there, seeing your beautiful family so enjoying themselves. Thanks. And thanks for keeping us all aware of what is going on with Phoenix. He looks like a happy little boy.

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  2. Wow, it was CHILLY??? Last year this time it was so hot! Texas weather is hilarious sometimes. 😀

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the one of Emily and Dad – so cute. And Phoenix’s hair is growing back! Yay! I’ll look forward to another awesome Christmas card this year.

    Also, I’m really glad you and Emily got to spend some kid-free time together – much-needed I’m sure.

    Thank you for sharing this, Heather. Love and miss you guys! Hope to see you soon ❤


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