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Mini Vacation- Hyatt Regency Lost Pines (Day 2)

After a great first day at Lost Pines, it was so nice to wake up at the resort and enjoy a little time there before we had to check out and head home.  Ben woke up early and went for a nice walk around the property, while the kids and I slept in a little later, then woke up and had a relaxing time having breakfast and getting ready in the room.


Then Shiloh and I went for a morning swim, while Ben and Phoenix walked around and explored a little.  Phoenix was a little upset that he couldn’t swim.  “Phoenix swim. Me swim. Pleeeeaaaase.” which was heartbreaking, but he was easily distracted with all of the other fun things that he was able to do.


Then we switched, and Ben swam with Shiloh, while Phoenix and I continued walking around and enjoying the property.  I really think his favorite part of the whole experience was walking up and down the huge staircases.


The last thing we did before it was time to head home, was to check out the bikes that they have available for all guests to use.  Tons of bikes to choose from, with plenty of different sizes, styles, (and helmets, too).


We had such a lovely time on our mini vacation!  Though we were only there for under 24 hours, we had plenty of time to have a ton of great experiences.  We can’t wait to go back when Phoenix is done with treatment, and will be able to partake in the swimming, too.  We are just so thankful that we had this opportunity to get away together, and most of all, thankful that Phoenix was feeling well enough to go!


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