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Mini Vacation- Hyatt Regency Lost Pines (Day 1)

We have had quite a year so far with Phoenix’s diagnoses and treatment, so (needless to say), we have not had the opportunity to go on any trips or take any vacations together.  Now that the stem cell transplant is complete, and we have a couple weeks off before we start the next phase of treatment (immunotherapy), we wanted to do a mini getaway as a family.

I have always wanted to go to the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines resort: it is close to Austin, is absolutely beautiful, and looked like a super fun place to take the kids.  We decided that even though Phoenix would not be able to enjoy the awesome pools (he still has his port and broviac tubes in), it would still be a good choice for our mini vacation.  I contacted the Hyatt, and begged them to give us their best possible rate, and then off we went!

The first thing we did when we go to the property, was check-in, and then get some ice cream at the cute little ice cream/coffee/candy store, McDade’s.


Next, we explored the main lobby which has a lot of family game rooms, restaurants, and shops.


Then Ben and Shiloh went swimming in the gorgeous pool area, while Phoenix and I walked around the property and visited the miniature horses and alpacas, climbed the staircases, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery (and the almost unbearably hot weather).


After that, we met back in the room for Phoenix to cool off and rest for a bit (he gets tired and over heated pretty quickly as a side effect from all of his treatments), and then we headed out to dinner in Bastrop, a small town near the resort.  We decided to go to dinner at Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard, an adorable restaurant on the banks of the Colorado River.  We had such a nice time at dinner- sitting outside together, enjoying the good food and scenery, and just feeling so thankful to be there together.


After dinner, we headed back to Lost Pines, and Phoenix and I played on the playground while Shiloh and Ben went for a night swim.  Phoenix has not been to a playground since December (his blood counts have been too low for him to really go anywhere this year, but especially to places like playgrounds around a lot of other children).  He was beyond excited to be out and around other kids, and to be going down slides!


After the playground and swimming, we went to the event that I was most excited for Shiloh and Phoenix to experience…S’mores and an outdoor movie on the lawn!  It was so much fun!  Lost Pines has this every night, and it was awesome.  A huge campfire with as many s’mores as you could want, and a huge movie screen set up.  The movie for the night we were there was “Home”, such a cute movie.


We had to head back to the room a little early, because Phoenix’s tubes got pulled a little from playing too hard on the playground, and we needed to take care of that ASAP.  It was late for us anyway, and the kids were super tired, so we didn’t mind heading back to the room and cutting the movie a little short.


What an amazing first day we had!  We are so thankful that Phoenix is feeling well enough to get the go ahead from our doctors to enjoy some time out of the house, and that we were able to enjoy this awesome time together.  Stay tuned for our second day at Lost Pines!


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