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Looking Back: My 33rd Birthday

December 21, 2015.

It is so hard now to look back on any events before January 3, 2016, when the whole journey with Phoenix’s diagnoses and treatment began.  It is hard, because it feels overwhelming to think that his body was beginning something so big. Hard to know that we will never again experience life in the way that we used to- without this huge weight of worry that we now carry with us through every day.  It is also sweet and therapeutic to look back on these times, because we were so happy (and we still are so happy, just in a completely different way).

I had a GREAT birthday, it was just so good.  That morning, Ben made a great breakfast, and then I went to get a coffee and a manicure.  The original plan was for Shiloh to come with me to get her first pedicure, but she was too scared once we walked into the salon, so Ben came and picked her up, and took Shiloh and Phoenix to Target while I got the manicure.


Then we relaxed at home a bit, and enjoyed some cake!


Next, we headed out to Gruene for dinner!  Gruene is such a cute little town that is not too far from where we live, so I wanted to go there for dinner and to walk around to see the Christmas lights.  We had a great dinner, sitting outside at a cute Mexican food place.  We even enjoyed some margaritas with dinner, which is a super rare treat.


After dinner, Shiloh and Phoenix ran around and played in a giant field that is lit up with Christmas lights.


Overall, it was such a nice day together.  I feel so lucky to have my wonderful husband, our two beautiful children, and family and friends that I love.

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