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Childhood Cancer Advice- Some surprisingly helpful items to bring to the hospital


  1. Mini broom and dustpan Strange, I know, but this little guy has been so helpful in keeping our room clean while in the hospital.  Housekeeping only comes in once per day, and when you are living in a small space with a toddler, there will be crumbs everywhere.  I bring this small broom and dustpan with me to the hospital, and use it multiple times a day to keep the room tidy.
  2. Command hooks– These are great for hanging up family pictures, room decorations, and adding places to hang towels, laundry bags, etc.  I keep a pack of these in our hospital bag along with refill adhesive backs, and they have been so useful in helping to make the rooms more comfortable and homey.
  3. Overnight diapers– If your child is still in diapers, the hospital will provide diapers and wipes for you.  I have found, though, that overnight diapers are pretty necessary to prevent accidents whenever they are getting a high volume of fluids through IV.  Bringing my own overnight diapers has prevented a lot of leaks, and also helps Phoenix to sleep better through the night, as I only need to get up to change him a couple times.
  4. Cleaning supplies– Another strange one, but I have found it so very helpful to bring my own disinfectant wipes with me to the hospital.  Again, the room is only cleaned once per day, and big messes happen a lot more often than that.
  5. Sound machine– This is so helpful to be able to turn on during nap times and overnight.  There are so many staff coming in and out, machines beeping, and other children crying, that it really helps to have this soothing sound machine to mask those noises.

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