A Day In the Life (Vacation Edition)

5:08am- Phoenix wakes up and starts to cry.  I decide to try to get him back to sleep, so hold him for a few minutes, then put him back in his crib.

6:03am- Phoenix wakes up again.  I know he is up for good this time, so I move his sound machine into our room so Ben can sleep, change the first diaper of the day, and bring Phoenix out into the living room.

6:10am- Feed Phoenix yogurt, and turn on a Christmas movie.  I am tired, but I actually love this time with Phoenix every morning.  It is quiet, and I can focus on just him for a few minutes.

6:44am- Check on Shiloh, surprised she is still sleeping.  Phoenix and I begin playing with his scooter in the living room.

7:03am- Phoenix couldn’t resist, and went into Shiloh’s room to wake her up.

7:06am- Shiloh comes running out into the living room  yelling, “Good Morning, Mama!”

7:14am- I hear Ben stirring in our room, so I start the coffee.

7:16am- Second diaper change of the day, decide to go ahead and get Phoenix dressed for the day.

7:28am- Ben comes out into the main room, the kids see him and immediately think “breakfast!”, so he puts toast in the toaster, and gets to work.  Shiloh has recently started to become interested in cooking, so she pushes a stool to the counter, and gets ready to help him butter the toast.

7:29am- Phoenix is heartbroken that the bread takes 30 seconds to toast, throws himself on the ground crying.

7:32am- Fluff the laundry that I left in the dryer from yesterday, and do a quick first round of picking up (toys, books, blankets).

7:39am- Ben makes my coffee, so I sit down to enjoy.  We discuss our plans for the day.  Shiloh is super excited we are going to the car place (both kids love it!), and that we are going to see our friends for story time at the mall.

7:45am- Phoenix starts chasing the pets, so Ben gets him out a bucket of toys to play with, and sits down on the couch with his coffee.

7:48am- Kerbey, Callie, and Razkool start begging Ben for their breakfast.

7:56am- Ben makes my breakfast, I finish my coffee while scrolling through Pinterest (my Stitch Fix is about to be styled, and I want to make sure my style board is updated!).

8:00am- Realize we are leaving for the car place in 30 minutes, and go get dressed.  Set the timer for Shiloh so she knows when she needs to stop playing and get dressed.  Ben makes more food for Phoenix (who is heartbroken again that food is not instantaneously ready when you want he wants it).

8:10am- I make our bed, warn Shiloh she has 3 minutes until the timer goes off, and start packing our bag for the day.

8:12am- Timer goes off, Ben feeds the pets, and I help Shiloh get dressed.

8:30am- Get loaded in the car, and head to our car repair shop in Austin.  Right on schedule!

8:35am- Make phone calls (hands-free, don’t worry) to my sisters and my dad.

9:00am- Pull into Howdy Honda (I bring our cars here even when they are not Hondas, because I love the service here so much, and the kids love to play in the play area).  They tell me it will be 1.5 hours for our oil change.

10:40am- We have watched a movie, played with all the toys, taken full advantage of all of the amenities (granola bars, juice, water), had two bathroom breaks and diaper changes, and the kids are definitely ready to go.  Check in with the staff, and they tell me we will probably have to wait another 30 minutes until our car is done.

10:45am- Text my friend, Cassidy, to tell her we will miss story time.  I’m bummed, hoping we will not be too late to lunch.

10:46am- Kids are super done at this point.  Shiloh really wants to play “mommy”, so I let her pretend to drive Phoenix around in one of the new cars Honda has on the show room floor.

11:20am- Finally done and ready to check out.  The staff feels bad that we had to wait so long, so they give us a huge discount=yay!

11:30am- Stuck in traffic on the way to the mall.  I am super stressed, because I hate to be late, and hate keeping people waiting.

11:40am- Phoenix falls asleep as we pull into the mall parking lot.  Today is his first day in a toddler car seat, so I can’t carry him around sleeping in his baby seat like I normally would.  Shiloh wants to play “baby”, so begs to be pushed around in the stroller.  Juggle pushing Shiloh, holding Phoenix and my bag, and run into the mall.

11:43am- Lunch with Cassidy and her two daughters at California Pizza Kitchen.  We try to catch up while keeping 4 kids under 4 happy.  They all do super well, but it is still exhausting!  Love that our two oldest are old enough to play together, and they love each other so much- so sweet!

12:50pm- Go to the cookie place, they definitely earned a cookie with good restaurant behavior, and patience at the car place!

1:00pm- Head over to Pottery Barn Kids, and the older girls play together for over an hour.  So nice to catch up with Cassidy, and can’t get enough of seeing the kids play together.

2:15pm- Ready to leave, then Shiloh remembers she wants a balloon, and a ride on the escalator.

2:30pm- Get in the car, and both kids fall asleep. Major traffic due to the holidays, but enjoy listening to NPR on the way home.  Call my sister again- wish my sisters lived closer.

3:31pm- Checked my email, and saw that my Stitch Fix shipped!  Cheated and looked at my account to see what will be included.  Super excited to get it in the mail and try everything on!  Hoping for some cute pieces to take with me on our New Mexico trip later this week.

3:54pm- Unpack our bags from the day and do a little work on the computer while Ben plays with Shiloh and Phoenix.

3:55pm- Remember that I never folded the laundry that I fluffed this morning, so fluff it again and vow to immediately fold and put away.

4:10pm- Continue Shiloh’s game of “baby”, she starts to get upset that I am not playing exactly the way she wants.  Feel myself being less than patient, so ask Ben to take over for a few minutes.  Hate when I get grumpy when I’m with the kids, know I just need a minute away.

4:15pm- Sneak away to our bedroom to have a piece of my birthday chocolate (Lindt, yum) while I (finally) fold and put away our laundry.

4:20pm- Shiloh runs in, upset that I am no longer playing her game.  I try to reason with her, but she is insistent and won’t let it go.  Tell her to go in her room until the timer goes off, so she can cool off and feel better.  Thankfully, she complies.

4:25pm- Set the timer for 10 minutes, continue folding laundry, hear Shiloh’s mood change and she starts to play with her toys in her room.

4:35pm- Timer goes off, and Shiloh runs in to ask if she can leave her room.  Have a little talk about letting people play how they want to play, she apologizes…that went well!

4:40pm- Laundry folded and put away, feel much better, spend some time playing in the living room with Phoenix, Shiloh, and Ben.

4:50pm- Soooo tired.  Decide to get up and get moving to wake up a bit.  Load the dishwasher, do a quick pick-up (toys, books, pillows).  Take out the recycling (again), go through the mail and hang up more Christmas cards (yay!).

5:10pm- Ben starts dinner, so I take the kids into Shiloh’s room to play and keep them out of the kitchen.

6:00pm- Time for dinner!  Homemade spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread.

6:15pm-Ben gets started on clean-up, while the kids and I finish dinner.  Thankfully, they both sat during dinner and ate what was served!

6:25pm- I give S and P a quick bath, and quickly get them dressed for bed.  Nothing better than clean babies in pajamas!

6:37pm- Shiloh checks the advent calendar.  Today she got a mug from Shutterfly that has her picture along with Anna and Elsa from Frozen.  (Check out this post to see how I got this- and many more gifts- for free this year.)

6:39pm- Kids are ready for bed.  We play in the living room for a few minutes.  I do another quick clean-up (wipe down kitchen counters, hang up bath towels, pick up toys in Phoenix’s room).

6:45pm- Shiloh and I read and play in her room while Ben makes an obstacle course for Phoenix in the living room.

7:00pm- Just like clockwork, Phoenix is ready for bed.  I read to him and lay him down in his crib.  He goes right to sleep.

7:15pm- Ben and Shiloh play on the obstacle course, while I take a quick shower and get ready for bed.

7:30pm- Ben and I read to Shiloh, and help her put all of her dolls and toys to bed.

8:00pm- Countless trips to the bathroom, tucking in more dolls and toys, and trips into our room.

9:05pm- Shiloh falls asleep, and Ben and I read and watch Netflix until we go to sleep.





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