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Weekend Recap

Wedding Anniversary Celebration, Christmas Card Photos, and a GIVEAWAY!



We had a great weekend, the weather was beautiful and it is always so nice to be home with the family!  After my last day of class for the semester on Saturday, my wonderful Mother-in-Law came to stay the evening with Shiloh and Phoenix so that Ben and I could go out and celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary!  They baked cookies, and had a great time together while we were gone.


Ben and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, Chuy’s for dinner.  We are rarely able to go out on dates, and even more rarely able to go out on dates in the evening, so we were super excited to have the time together.  We ate, talked, and missed the kids- it was so nice!


Sunday morning, we enjoyed a nice relaxing morning at home, and then I surprised Shiloh by announcing that we would run out to get breakfast while Phoenix was taking his morning nap.  She was most excited that she was allowed to go out of the house in her pajamas and boots!  That girl would stay in her pajamas all day if we let her.  🙂


Sunday afternoon, we finally had a chance to take some photos to use on our Christmas card.  For as many years as Ben and I have been together, we have always taken a photo on Thanksgiving and used it as our Christmas card photo.  Unfortunately this year I wasn’t thrilled with any of the family photos we took on that day, so we gave it another try today.


Super happy with how they turned out, and so excited to get the cards in the mail, address them, and send them out to all of our family and friends!


Now, for the giveaway… I found the little headband/wrap that Shiloh is wearing while reading one of my favorite blogs (Willow and Co.).  The writer of the blog owns the cutest headband and hair bow company, and I was so excited to order one for Shiloh!  I am giving away a hair wrap (identical to Shiloh’s) this week, so that one of you can try it, too!  Comment below with your favorite clothing tradition for the holidays (New pajamas on Christmas Eve?  Fancy clothes for Christmas dinner?), and you will be entered to win.  A winner will be chosen at random next Sunday, December 13!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Favorite clothing tradition? Cold and salty running clothes after an early morning run on Christmas morning! Followed by kiddos up, excited about presents, blueberry muffins, and family 🙂

    Love you mucho.

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