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Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I love all holidays, and Thanksgiving is no exception.  I love the time off work that allows me five uninterrupted days with my family, the food, the relaxation, and the kick off to the holiday season!


Thanksgiving 2015 kicked off with all four of us sleeping in until 7am!  That has not happened since before Phoenix was born, and it was awesome!  After we all woke up, Ben immediately began cooking, and I played with S&P, and got them dressed for the day.  Ben’s family was hosting this year, so at 9:30 we got in the car and drove to Canyon Lake.


It was a small group this year, but still so nice to all get together to celebrate!  Shiloh enjoyed helping Grammy cook the mashed potatoes, and Phoenix loved spending a little time with his new baby cousin!

We stayed for a few hours, enjoying the time with family, the good food, and the beautiful property.

Next, we headed home and opened our new Christmas pajamas, relaxed, and played.  What a wonderful Thanksgiving, and so much to be thankful for!  Looking forward to getting our Christmas tree tomorrow and decorating for the holidays!


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