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Pumpkin Patch Fun

Sweet Berry Farm


I am really, really big on traditions.  I like doing the same thing and going to the same places, especially during the Fall and Winter.  Every year, we go to the Barton Hill Farms for their Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch, but this year we missed out.  I waited and waited for the weather to turn cool enough to go, and then it rained so hard that they closed early and we missed our chance.  I was SO UPSET!

We looked for other ones to go to instead, but they had all closed for the season.  I thought we had missed out on our opportunity to go to a pumpkin patch this year, but thankfully I was wrong!  I few weekends ago, Ben surprised me by checking in the morning to see if a farm we have gone to before (in the Spring for strawberry picking) was open for the pumpkin season, and it turns out they had decided to stay open for one extra weekend!  We quickly got ready to go, and headed out to Marble Falls.  Check out Shiloh walking to the car- such attitude and style!


The weather was PERFECT (nice and cool), and we pretty much had the entire farm to ourself- it was awesome.  The first thing we did was head to The Berry Bounce (a huge jumping pillow).  This is one of Shiloh’s favorite things in the whole world, so we knew we would be there for a while.  The tickets are under $3 for The Berry Bounce, and they let us stay on as long as we wanted since the farm was not crowded at all.



They have goat feed for sale for under $1, so we headed over to feed the many, friendly goats.   Phoenix kept calling the goats dogs, and loved watching Ben and Shiloh feed them.


Next, we walked through the tunnel that goes under the highway and leads to the other side of the farm where they have huge flower fields, a hay ride, and a barrel train ride.   They also have horseback riding most days, but didn’t have that available on the day we were there.


We decided to do the Sweet Berry Express Barrel Train instead of the Hay Ride, because we will be doing the hay ride on our Christmas tree excursion soon.  Everyone at the farm was so sweet, and the driver of the barrel train was no exception.



Our last stop at the farm was the huge flower garden where you can pick your own for $3/per bunch.  The man working the flower garden was super nice, and encouraged us to pick as many as we could for $3, and even gave us extra cups so that Shiloh and Phoenix could pick their own.



We had a wonderful time on this unexpected excursion: perfect weather, no crowds, such a fun experience.  I really can’t recommend Sweet Berry Farm enough, they were amazing.  On a related note, I also took my students with special needs to Sweet Berry Farm for a field trip, and the staff was amazing to all of the students, as well.

So glad that we were able to wrap up the Halloween season with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and now I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving and begin decorating for Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Fun

  1. Happy Thanksgiving… I loved reading this…so sweet …Have a wonderful Holiday !
    Gather…Celebrate…Feast….Love from all of us to all of you


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