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Weekend Recap

Lunch, Ice Skating, and a Random Act of Kindness


This weekend, I had class on Saturday (ALL DAY)- so Ben stayed home with Shiloh and Phoenix.  They played, napped, and went grocery shopping!  I am so thankful when he gets the grocery shopping done when I am in class, so that we can devote all day Sunday to family fun!


We try to do at least one family event on the weekends, to really maximize our time together.  Today we were deciding between going to lunch at Chuy’s Tex-Mex or Pinthouse Pizza, and then ice skating at Chaparral Ice.  We ended up letting Shiloh choose our lunch spot, and she picked Chuy’s. We had just gotten seated, and were getting ready to order when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned to look, and an elderly man and woman were standing there.  The man placed a $50 bill on our table, and said “Enjoy your lunch.”   Ben and I were both speechless, I know I said thank you, but can’t remember what else we said.  They smiled and walked away.  It was the sweetest thing, and really made our day even more special!  We decided to pay it forward by paying for our lunch, and leaving the rest as a large tip for our waitress.  What a sweet couple, and what a nice thing to do.  I can’t help but wonder what it was that caused them to do that for us: do they pay for someone’s lunch every Sunday?  Did we remind them of themselves long ago?

Shiloh did such a great job ordering- she was so polite!
Phoenix’s first try of the legendary “Creamy Jalapeño” and he loved it!
Love them!
Ben and Phoenix outside of Chuy’s.

Next, we tried our hand at Ice Skating!  Ben and I have skated in the past (but it has been quite a few years), and Shiloh and Phoenix have never been.  They were both so excited, especially Shiloh!  Phoenix lasted for under 30 seconds on the ice (he hated not being able to walk), so he and I ended up watching from the sidelines for the majority of the time.  Shiloh had fun until she fell, and then she just wanted to watch.  Overall, we didn’t last long, but it was still so fun!

I always get a little sad on Sundays knowing that we will all be back at work and school soon, but this week we only have two days of work until Thanksgiving break!  So excited for Thanksgiving, and to kick of the Christmas Festivities!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Love the pictures of everyone- especially seeing ones of you, heather. I read an article written by a mom where she complained how there wasn’t a single picture taken of her- just of the kids. You look beautiful and it’s nice to see 🙂


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